2015-2016 Grant Recipients

For the members of the Timber Ridge PTO, the statement “Working together to provide our students with the best possible learning experience” is a defining goal. Our efforts are focused on improving the Timber Ridge experiences for all members of our Timber Ridge community–the staff, the students, and the parents.

In the fall of 2016, we used the money donated from the Un-fundraiser to grant the following teacher requests:

Grants impacting all grade levels

  • Music Department: Music stands and conductor podium. This grant allowed us to no longer borrow these items from another school.
  • ELP Resources: The ELP staff requested and was granted funding for a Sphero. A Sphero is a robotic tool that assists in teaching children how to program. These resources would be included in the resource library that the ELP teacher keeps for use by all teachers.
  • Library: Ozobots and an author visit. Ozobots are small, smart toys robots that children can use to code, play, create and connect the physical and digital worlds.
  • Instructional Leaders: Four sets of video recording equipment. This partially funded grant allowed instructional leaders to record and review instructional periods for teaching improvement

Grants impacting specific grades:

  • Developmental Kindergarten: STEM tools: Students in our Developmental Kindergarten program have shown significant fine motor deficiency compared to those entering our kindergarten classes. Light boards motivate these students, and encourage them to independently choose activities that strengthen these skills. Additional tools and games that target fine motor skills were purchased as well
  • Kindergarten: Jolly Phonics: Jolly Phonics tools purchased for sharing amongst all kindergarten teachers.
  • 4th Grade: Innovative classroom furniture: This partially funded grant was used to fund non-standard classroom furniture. Items chosen were selected to enhance student health and learning
  • 4th grade: iPads: The 4th grade staff requested additional iPads. The iPads will be shared amongst the classrooms
  • 4th grade: Reading Games The 4th grade staff requested funds to purchase reading games. These games were to be shared amongst all 4th grade classes.
  • 5th grade: Literature: Additional literature materials were requested for the 5th grade community, to enhance reading experiences for students