2014-2015 Grant Recipients

For the members of the Timber Ridge PTO, the statement “Working together to provide our students with the best possible learning experience” is a defining goal. Our efforts are focused on improving the Timber Ridge experiences for all members of our Timber Ridge community–the staff, the students, and the parents.

In the fall of 2014, we used the money earned from a variety of fundraisers to grant the following teacher requests:

Grants impacting all grade levels

  • Music Department: Instruments for second classroom. Timber Ridge has two music classrooms now, but did not have enough instruments to fully equip both classrooms. These instruments will allow additional student participation, decrease time spent rotating through stations, and increase skill practice, leading to improved proficiency timelines.
  • New and replacement PE equipment: A new game, Tchoukball, was purchased that can be used for all grades. Dance Dance Revolution mats were purchased to replace ones that no longer work.
  • ELP Resources: The ELP staff requested math materials for advanced learners in 1st through 5th grade, and literature options for 4-5th grade. These resources would be included in the resource library that the ELP teacher keeps for use by all teachers.
  • ELL Classroom iPads: The ESL/ELL classrooms were not equipped with any iPads. The 4 iPads will be used for students who do not speak English, and young English Language Learners who are struggling in reading and math.
  • Teaching Instruments for band: The 5th grand band needed a dedicated set of band instruments for teaching purposes. This grant allows the band to purchase reconditioned, used instruments at a discount.

Grants impacting specific grades:

  • Developmental Kindergarten: Fine Motor Skills tools: Students in our Developmental Kindergarten program have shown significant fine motor deficiency compared to those entering our kindergarten classes. Light boards motivate these students, and encourage them to independently choose activities that strengthen these skills. Additional tools and games that target fine motor skills were purchased as well
  • Kindergarten: Fine Motor Skills and classroom supplies for extra rooms: The number of kindergartners attending Timber Ridge increased from 60 to 125 students this year. Two kindergarten classrooms do not have the same educational resources and supplies as the other classrooms. The tools purchased with the grant money will be used in these and all kindergarten classrooms to provide an equitable learning experience for all kindergartners at Timber Ridge
  • 2nd grade: Class sets of books: The 2nd grade classes wanted class sets (30 copies) of a variety of titles so that each child could read their own copy of books that are necessary to meet the Iowa common core standards. Eight titles were identified by the 2nd grade teachers, and the grant allows the teachers to buy 30 copies of each title.
  • 3rd grade literacy: The 3rd grade staff requested subscriptions to “Storyworks” magazine by Scholastic, Non-Fiction text sets, Smart Board learning activity CDs, and classroom timers. “Storyworks” magazine is designed for meeting Common Core standards. The grant allows each student to have a copy of the magazine, which could be annotated, for the 4 magazines available December through the end of the school year. The non-fiction material is designed to be used for small groups (up to 6 children at once), and the grant would increase the number of available sets from 1 to 6. Smart Board learning activities are highly motivating for students, and can be used either in small groups or for the whole classroom. Classroom timers are needed for the Words Their Way program that is being used by the 3rd grade teachers.
  • 4th Grade: Book Club and Literature Circle: Book clubs and literature circles enhance student engagement in reaching. The 4th grade staff requested a variety of genre and reading level materials to help engage all students, as well as support materials to help plan and implement the daily groups
  • 4th grade iPads: The 4th grade staff requested 2 additional iPads, in addition to the 4 they already had. The iPads will be used in whole group and small group instruction, and for subject areas including math, geography, and language arts