Copy Request Form

Timber Ridge has a limited amount of imprints available through the Timber Ridge office copiers. Therefore, our copy quantities must be managed by a centralized process. Copy requests must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the date required. (If the required turn-around time is shorter than 3 days, PTO will attempt to fulfill your request, but delivery by your required date cannot be guaranteed.) Finished copies will be placed in the PTO copy box for you to pick up.

Request must be submitted 3 work days prior to required date.
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Upload your document here. PDF format is preferred. Other acceptable files: Microsoft Word, JPEG, GIF. You can also place a hard copy of your document in the PTO copy mailbox located in the Timber Ridge mail room.
If paper color preferences are unspecified, white will be assumed.

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